Content creators for builders and developers. Video, drone and AI.
Space & Place
We creatively capture all types of building at all stages of a site from groundworks to showroom, producing a snapshot or visual journal that can be used to market your work.
We work on one-off briefs, e.g. classic video tours and drone hire alongside monthly relationships to produce a range of media for you to use e.g 3D site models, aerial & ground videos & photographs, 360˙ videos and social media reels. 
We shoot a variety of residential and commercial buildings, from modern new dutch barns to vintage rural cottages.
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Spacedust Films are Jonathon Lindsay and Suzie Gray.  
We started from a small bedroom in West Hampstead in 2007. I was working for an advertising company and Suzie was filming world news with the BBC.  We decided to specialise in property after my dad sent us a DVD of a house for sale in the North East that he filmed on his 1990's camcorder 📹. Shaky, priceless footage that was the catalyst 🚀 for Spacedust and a few months later we created the UK's first HD property tour, the same year YouTube started.
Since then we've kept innovating and embracing new technology but have never lost the childlike excitement of walking into a space for the first time.  We've travelled across the North East, UK and EU making some great friends and shooting some amazing buildings and locations and are now based in an eco-studio on the windy banks of Gateshead.
Our mission continues to create simple stylish films & photos with natural light and colours - beautiful spaces that everyone can enjoy.​​​​​​​