Spacedust founders are Jon Lindsay and Suzie Gray.  
They started off from a small bedroom in West Hampstead, London in 2007. Jon, a qualified Quantity Surveyor, was at the time creating advertising ideas for Coca-Cola, Stella Artois and other big brands in Shoreditch. Suzie was filming news around the world with the BBC.  
They decided to specialise in property after Jon's dad posted a DVD of a house for sale in their native North East that he'd filmed on his '90's camcorder. Shaky footage but it became the catalyst for the idea for Spacedust Films. A few months later they created the UK's first HD property tour of a new development in Queens Park, NW London, coincidentally the same year YouTube started.  From a DVD to online streaming.
Since then they've kept innovating, embracing new technology like AI and winning awards but have never lost the childlike excitement of walking onto a site for the first time.  They travel across the North East, UK and beyond helping people showcase their hard work and are now based in a small eco-studio on the windy banks of Gateshead overlooking the Angel of the North.
Please get in touch if you would like a project captured.