How to show the true potential of a modern home

21st-century lifestyles are different from previous generations and this has changed the way we live in our homes.  By looking at these developments you can see how our style of video tours are looking to show the true potential of a modern home.

A house can be viewed as a collection of different rooms, each with it’s own purpose and character (Fig 1.) The individual spaces gives us a challenge when we view a house;

is the living room big enough for a corner sofa?
will the kitchen be dark in the morning?
does the bathroom feel cosy?
where can the TV go?
what’s the view like from the bedroom ?

This lateral view of assessing rooms in isolation is only half the story.  In the modern world we don’t live in boxes and gone are the days when the dining room only gets an appearance on special occasions.  In reality, we journey from room to room as we live, work and play in a home.

As lifestyles have changed, the spaces in a home have become more open, fluid and interdependent (Fig 2.)  The downstairs living space of most new build homes is focused around the open plan design of a kitchen/dining/living area. 

This leads to a need for viewers to experience how these spaces flow together and to answer questions whether they will work for their lifestyle;

Can I see the kids in the playroom while I’m cooking diner?
Do the bi-fold doors lead to the patio area?

Our approach to reflect these changes is to give viewers the opportunity to experience the home as a journey –  an imaginative walk-through as you enter the front door.  By moving from room by room with a floating camera it becomes the eyes of the viewer and is a natural and modern way to show the potential of a home.

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