Strategic considerations for Modo Bloc & Hive Estates - Spring 2021

April 29th 2021


Jon Lindsay is now on the client side not on the agency side and is part of the strategy team with George Jenkins and Michael Mortimer.

The goal is to produce a 12 month marketing plan for each company:

Modo Bloc (Modo) & Hive Estates (Hive)

This will be produced after/alongside initial development work by three creative agencies has been carried out as soon as possible.


At this lifestage, each companies vision, brand look and target market should have been decided.

As a general comment all the best brands have a brand owner.  This is generally the founder and it’s their philosophy, beliefs and goals that form what the brand stands for. NO agency can spoon feed it. YOU are in essence the BRAND.

Brand Owner of Virgin – Richard Branson

Brand Owner of Facebook – Mark Zuckerburg

Brand Owner of Modo – George Jenkins

Brand Owner of Hive – Michael Mortimer

Over the past few years both brands have been developed by various agencies, including logos and websites. Hive has been rebranded twice, Modo once, but nothing has been committed to paper for either.

The time has come for both companies to quickly confirm their identity and start delivering real high impact marketing activity to get their name out there – especially in the buoyant, cash rich market of 2021 post lockdown.


Creative Brief/Vision

Below are examples of different creative briefs/brand visions.

The aim is to produce a similar one page overview document for Modo and Hive. This precious document never changes and influences all marketing decisions for the life of the brand.

Modo Bloc is particularly challenging as it has various target markets, both business and consumer with different motivations.

Armed with this information, the client team (us) can easily brief other suppliers to get a consistent look.  KPIs, target figures and budget are set by the client and would be included on the brief.

Although this work should have been be done by a specialist marketing/branding agency and the client together, the branding work that Tac Design and Bumbl will produce will help the strategic team produce the final brand document as per the examples.


Current situation

Three agencies have been verbally briefed by Michael and George. 

Both Tac Design and Bumbl’s proposals refer to a brand audit, with both quotes including around 50% of their time in that development area. As mentioned this will help build the one page document.

Reading thought all the proposals it’s clear that at the core, Tac are the designers and Bumbl are the marketeers.

Tac Design appear classic and pure while Bumbl appear energetic and youthful.

The brand audit is part of both of their processes, which will be interesting to see what they present, but it must be noted that Michael/Hive have a strong vision and look for an established brand

Pushing Tac to start passing over assets asap on Hive is preferable, and using their time to focus on developing the big Modo brand.

It is a positive that the 2 agencies can/will work together but the client could define their roles a little more.

Bumbl and Tac have experience working together but have submitted separate proposals with identical brand audit components. Ideally it would have been an integrated document. There is double charging on the brand audit section.  

The situation is a little cloudy. Both agencies are overlapping on their deliverables on two separate brands that are at different stages of their life cycle.

The chain of command between the agencies themselves and the client needs to be clearer or cold create issues.  e.g. Tac Design become the senior partner.

You could follow the organic route OR make a slight tweak:

Each agency take the lead on one brand, do an audit on it and present their findings separately. 

Tac Design focus on Modbloc

Bumbl focus on Hive

Working Practise

Over the next 12 weeks there will be a big increase in marketing work and communications with the three new agencies. The client side would usually have an account handler internally to work very closely with the agencies, with final sign off via the strategy team.  

This area seems a little light.  It’s a full time job to keep things moving along swiftly and not a great use of a Managing Director’s time, who needs to work on the bigger picture with Jon and George.  There also needs to be decisiveness in making creative decision quickly on each asset to move the companies towards real marketing activity.

Hannah Coleridge is currently marketing agent and photographer and appears to be the ideal candidate to fill or at least assist in this role. She’s internal, creative and and has 12 months experience in estate agency mechanics.

Next Steps

Strategy team to meet with creative agencies.

Strategy team to produce a timeline/deadline for agencies.

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