Property Video Tour Tip: Avoiding your own reflection showing in mirrors and glass

There is nothing worse than coming back to the studio to review footage after a full day shooting to find yourself and the camera in the shot.

The only way to avoid it is to take extra care while filming otherwise it’s a time-consuming post-production job in the edit suite.

Here is an example of me filming in a small bathroom. You can clearly see my reflection in the shower screen:



This is a common scenario and one way to overcome this is to use a polarizer filter. This type of lens filter helps to reduce unwanted reflections. The filter screws onto the lens threads and you twist the filter until the reflections have disappeared.

Unfortunately, the wide angle lens I use does not have a thread and cannot take a polarizer filter so I needed another solution.

It’s quite a simple one and based on reflection of light and angles.  As you can see from the image, the shower screen is directly reflecting my image back into my camera lens.  By simply moving the shower screen back or forward slightly, it changes the angle of reflection and my image disappears. Viola!


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