Spacedust films have pioneered video tours since 2007 and their latest innovations take things to the next level.

Yes, they capture the inside and outside of a house, and use a drone but it’s two magical things that makes them different.

I talked to founder Jon Lindsay about this new style and asked what the inspiration was. “It was simply to create a slick Instagrammable video that makes a home pop out of the newsfeed. There’s so many bland video walkthroughs we wanted something big bold and colourful! Ever watched a video and seen those murky wall tiles in the bathroom? The owners probably spent hours choosing that particular shade. You should have a truer colour representation on a video, that’s we wanted to do’

The solution? Spacedust developed TrueColours a system to match video footage to the right colour shade used on wall coverings. Natural richer colour that show living spaces as they really are. Your Farrow & Ball Dove grey feature wall will look stunning on film darling.

The second hurdle was that video looks small on a mobile phone and they wanted something bigger that took up more of the screen and show more of a house. After months of experimenting they managed to do it.

“Online video is about creating a video in the right format to get peoples attention, whether that’s square, vertical or widescreen. It’s as important as whats in the video.

We wanted that flexibility and the answer was Anamorphic, a style of filming used by Hollywood for over 100 years. The beauty with anamorphic is that it exposes more of the image to the camera sensor, forming an picture that is 33% bigger top and bottom than a standard video. No editing tricks, no distortion but true filmmaking through the camera lens. This additional space makes a huge difference in capturing features that normally get chopped off, like ceiling light fittings, coving, attic windows and floor coverings.

The results have been dramatic. Since they started trialling it in the summer of 2020, views, like and shares have gone through the roof on all their new videos.

With virtual tours becoming the ‘new normal’ this little niche company have gone one step further and created a big bold colourful video style that is made for these times.

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