Date: 26th July 2020


We are a video production company that specialise in only property. Since 2007, we’ve created powerful marketing videos for a range of homes.

Our films are used by property developers, cottage/villa companies and a handful of estate agents across the North. 

Focussing solely on property has helped us develop a style of video that look great on modern devices, create a buzz on social media and help listings sell quicker and for a premium.

I believe we offer the best value in the region. High quality at a competitive price – whether it’s part of an agent’s selling fee or if it’s a paid add-on for vendors.

Filming is carried out in a professional/friendly/discreet manner, taking into consideration the many delicate reasons why people move.


Our trademark is the walkthrough style of video tour (example above) A smooth glide-through a building to show how spaces interconnect. We also use a variety of camera lenses to incorporate detail shots and window views.

Drone Filming

A recent addition is the use of a drone to produce elevated video footage. It would sit nicely with the aerial photography you already use.  As per the photography, it’s not applicable for every property just when needed to add context.


In post-production we firstly sync the music to the imagery for a cinematic feel to the tour. Music choice is a big part of our films. From that, we colour grade all footage to make it brighter and more colourful, e.g. skies. We also add sun beams and light rays to add a lovely gloss to the film.  We would include an animated introduction logo and a logo in the top left corner across all your videos.


The videos are around 2 minutes long which we’ve found is the sweet spot for people watching video tours online.  All videos are hosted on our Vimeo Pro account.  You can simply use this link or download the video and upload to your own Vimeo/YouTube/Facebook account.  The video embeds perfectly in Rightmove, etc.

We produce all Sarah Mains Residential video tours and built their Facebook followers from 1k to 7k in a few years. You can see some of the reaction to their videos here (on phone)

Booking/ Cost

We offer a simple online booking system.  Users can book their own 2 hour time slot at their own convenience. The system can be used by your own staff or you can simply email your vendors the link.


Worth mentioning, we do offer the Matterport 3D service.  You would need to set up your own Matterport account and we would scan a property and send you the link. The costing is little more complicated so just let me know if you’re interested in that.  We get mixed opinions of the 360/3D tours, some people love them, so people not so much. They don’t work too well with Rightmove but I think it’s got potential, especially for VR in the future.

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