Choosing the right type of property video tour

A video tour showcases a property or cottage to its full potential.  Bear in mind, a tour can be one of many different styles.  For example, Walkthrough Videos, 360° Virtual Tours and Photo Slideshows

This example is to compare how one property is marketed with 2 distinct styles.

The first style is the photo slideshow with voice over.  This style is generally a cheaper option as a video is produced by editing the existing photographs.  The cost of the voice over varies considerably depending on the talent used.  That being said, a voice over is not a necessity.

The second style is the walkthrough video.  This is a style that transports the viewer from room to room and delivers a sense of movement.  This movement can look incredible but it can also look poor if the cameraman cannot stabilize the camera and the footage rocks from side to side.

Photo slideshow with voice over

Walkthrough Video

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