by Annie Macmanus
MOTHER, MOTHER is a powerful coming of age novel and an intimate family study. It’s about finding light in dark places, and it examines the cost of unconditional love.

Mary McConnell has lived in the same house her whole life. She’s barely left Belfast. She is thirty-five years old and she has a son, Joe, who’s about to turn eighteen.
One Saturday morning, Joe wakes up to find his mother gone. He doesn’t know where – or why – but he’s the only one who can help find her.
Mary grew up longing for information about the mother she never knew – the mother who died suddenly when Mary was only a baby. Her brother Sean was barely old enough to remember and their father numbed his pain with drink.
MOTHER, MOTHER takes us on a journey through the pivotal moments in Mary’s life which have been leading, inexorably, to her disappearance. And we follow Joe’s increasingly desperate search for his mother, as he begins to understand what has led her to this point.  

This is a dark, affecting novel about family, grief, addiction, and motherhood. And it asks the question – if you spend your life giving everything to the ones you love; do you risk losing yourself along the way?
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