Spacedust Films and Jon Lindsay

I’ve been a filmmaker since 2005. At that time I worked in London and produced videos for advertising companies. I worked on videos for brands like Coca-Cola, Stella Artois, and Peugeot. After trying to buy a house back in the North East I was disappointed with the lack of video content to market a house, I created Spacedust Films in 2007. A year later I produced the UK’s first high-definition video tour. Over this time I have produced 2,000 videos. These videos have 3.5 million views across the internet

I believe this dedication to property over the last decade has helped me to really understand what brings a property alive and gets people to watch and act.

I pride myself at being at the forefront of the best production techniques to visualize a space. Spacedust walkthroughs are considered to be the best in the business winning 2 awards.

The delivery of the video has changed dramatically since the company began. In 2007, YouTube was in its infancy and a video was seen as a luxury in the property industry. Today, video marketing is everywhere and I have evolved to produce videos that have a big impact on social media and mobile devices. For example, we produce 2 versions of a video tour for desktop and mobile devices. The mobile version is square in size so viewers can watch the video vertical on their mobile devices.

Advancement in technology has also helped me to deliver new video products from 360° video to Virtual Reality and 3D footage.

I film in 4k 60fps, the highest available production format to create super crisp images. The motion is delivered through a computerized gimbal to glide through a building to show the space and flow between rooms. Slow motion shots are created with a range of DSLR lenses to price cinematic style details of a home. Natural light is the king of producing light, shade, and atmosphere but I also use additional lights to enhance and highlight a key part of a building.

Music can really affect a viewers impression of a house and I spend a long time choosing the correct piece for each house. The video is edited precisely to the beat and rhythm of the music to produce a synergy the image and give movement to the whole film.

Each building is different but the procedure to film is the same. From an initial inquiry, we can give a ballpark cost. From that, we would meet you onsite to recce the property and get a feel for the size and space and make a note of the sun position.

It takes between 3-8 hours to film a property depending on the size, ideally on a bright day. I may need another visit to shoot externals, depending on the weather conditions. From that, we go back to the edit suite and craft the film ready for your approval within 5-0 working days. There is one round of amends before the final before sign-off.

– Filmmaker since 2005
– Property video specialist since 2007
– Produced over 2000 videos across the UK and Europe
– 3.5 million video views across the Internet
– Media Awards TMT News Winner – Best Property Video 2017
– CV magazine – Innovation in Property Award Winner 2016