Make your property shine.

I'm Jon Lindsay and I create property videos that make homes look amazing.

These are cinematic full motion HD videos including background music and annotation.  Professionally produced polished videos with music that sets the tone and feel for a property, engaging with the viewer and capturing their attention.

If produced on a smart phone by the Agent or Vendor, they can look unprofessional, with an unsteady hand, poor lighting and background noise, this can be off-putting for the viewer.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth about a million. At least.

 Maybe you’ve had an idea for telling your property story through video?  Whether you have a starter idea or need a quick turnaround video tour, we can help.

With Spacedust, you’ll have access to a video concept, script writing and professional filmmaking. And you get to sit back and watch your property jump to life – with all of the quality and emotion that it deserves.

Every property, big or small has a story to tell and we bring it alive with: 

  • cinematic/natural light filming
  • emotive music track
  • dusk/dawn opening shot
  • video delivery plan


Fine & Country, Barratt London, Bellway Homes, Coca-Cola, Sanderson Young, Stella Artois, Savills, Dockleaf Developments, Nintendo, Triveslhuus, Hive Estates, Sarah Mains, Believe Housing, Chapter Homes, Coastal Retreats, Brunton House, Beacon Hill Farm, Finest Properties, Breamish Valley Cottages, Flowery Dell.


Cinematic Filming

Video and film can show the atmosphere and beauty of a living space that isn’t just focused on the size of a bedroom.

It’s there to tell a story and do something different to what a photograph can do.

Using Natural Light for True Colours

When asked why he preferred shooting with all-natural lighting, Stanley Kubrick simply replied, “Because that’s the way we see things.”

Artificial light, like tungsten lights can strongly effect the true colour of an interior. Our style produces a natural, warm inviting look.

Emotive Music Track Sync

Music is one of the most powerful elements of filmmaking and, if done correctly, can lift a property even higher.

We edit to the beat of the music to bring the visual to life and draw the viewer into the space.


Dusk & Dawn Video Opener

Nothing lifts a property and grabs attention like the colours of morning & evening sun.

We use a mix of real footage and replacement imagery to create a stunning opening shot.

Our Team

Jon Lindsay

I’ve got a background in film, advertising and architecture and bring this mix into the final film.

Suzie Lindsay

I’ve worked across the world for BBC News as a camerawoman and satellite engineer.

Need help with your own home or building project?

We offer simple solutions to get your space looking beautiful online, from cinematic films to video walkthroughs and photography – get in touch to hear more about our video services…


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