I started Spacedust Films in 2007 after my father sent me a VHS videotape of a house he had filmed for me in Newcastle while I was living in London.  The footage was a little shaky but I loved the different perspective it gave me of this potential house, an extra dimension to photos. The video definitely worked as I ended buying the house and moving back to the North East to set up the company.

Since then, I’ve tried to do much the same thing as he did, to show the viewer what a house is like inside and out –  from how living spaces connect to any quirky features.

Clients/Individuals use the video for marketing purposes – to sell a property on Rightmove, to get more cottage bookings, get a new development noticed on LinkedIn, generate interest on Facebook/Instagram, etc.

I generally film myself but for bigger jobs or when using a drone, I work alongside with my wife Suzie, a BBC cameraperson. If we stay over while filming at a cottage v him ideo, we try and get an invite for our border collie Jack!

Footage is shoot with a full frame Nikon Z6 and 14-30mm wide angle lens. Here is a good example of the difference of an iPhone 12 lens/sensor v the Nikon Z6.  It can capture far more light and detail. 

The beauty of the large sensor is that we do not need to turn on every light in a property which can give an artificial/yellowy look to a house.  We only turn on subtle accent lighting for warmth, all other light is sunlight. Using natural light helps the camera sensor register the true colours within a room –  from painted walls to furnishings. What you see is what you see.

The next step is to put the bells and whistles on.  Our eyes automatically react to light and dark but the camera does not have that luxury, so every single clip needs to be analysed for brightness/contrast/exposure/and colour, making sure rooms are not too dark or too light and are consistent throughout. We add richness to the colours so they pop on iPhone and iPads and stand out on on social newsfeeds.

Music can be emotional so we spend a long time choosing a track that reflects the house and the prospective buyer or booker. The footage is synced to the beat of the music to produce a powerful property video.

This is the core of what I do and am consistently developing to keep them at the forefront over the years.  We receive hard data on the thousands of videos we have online and have adjusted the speed, the tempo and the look of the videos to make sure they are watched from start to finish.


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