Hello! Welcome to Spacedust Films. We specialise in property video for cottage accommodation and residential buildings.

I’m Jon Lindsay a professional filmmaker based in Newcastle Upon Tyne with over 20 years experience.  I have a genuine passion for filming new spaces and am a friendly all-round nice guy! ​​​​​​​


The process is simple.  All we need is a website address to get a feel for your property.  We then organise a (sunny!) day for the shoot. Filming takes the best part of a day so we can capture the sunlight in different rooms as it moves across the sky - this app helps us analyse the sun path.  I can give advice on styling the property for the video (fires on, TV's on, etc.)

As you would expect the post production adds the beautiful finishing touches and is something we spend a lot of time on - e.g. colour grading, graphics, branding and music.  The video is then ready for your website and social media.  Photography can also be added to the service.

I work mainly in the North East, across Northumberland and Yorkshire but have filmed across the UK and beyond on interesting and bespoke projects. 

The cottage video below is an example of the quality you would receive.  This was such a stylish cottage in a very unique location within a cliff face!

Filming new build developments, in all their shapes and sizes, are also an interesting part of our work.  We've helped to market everything from one-off luxury properties and new housing developments to affordable help-to buy schemes.

The example below was for a gorgeous 5 unit development in Northumberland, UK, showcasing the properties and the surrounding area.​​​​​​​
Hopefully this is something of interest for your business. Nearly all of my clients are repeat business so the videos must be doing something for them! 

Here's some Google reviews clients have kindly left for me.  

Feel free to connect with me on linkedin or send my a Facebook Message.

I don't post a huge amount on social media but use the channels to test new ideas alongside my usual filming.  Here's the links to them YouTube / Facebook page.

Thanks for looking around and please get in touch if you want more information.
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